Volunteer Board » 2017-2018

If you are interested in serving on the board or would like to find out about specific job details, please talk to any one of our current board members or contact info@kwpomba.ca. We will be voting in the VACANT and acting positions at our AGM. We will be holding 2 AGM's this year. One was held on June 23rd to vote in the positions, and the second will be held in the fall to have a financial overview. Keep an eye on our calendar for a date and time.

To contact a board member see the beginning of their email addresses below. All emails are @kwpomba.ca.

President: Julie Holm email: president@
Vice President: Jamie Perrott email: vicepresident@
Past President: Jamie Harland email: pastpresident@
Treasurer: Aferdita Ervin Kanellari email: treasurer@
Secretary: Robin Hanian email: secretary@
Membership Director: Krista Matthews email: membership@
Family Support Visitor Program: VACANT email: familysupport@
Director of Programs: Kate Pearce email: programs@
Programs Coordinator: Linnea Knight email: programs@
Director of Socials: Lena Wilson email: socials@
Socials Committee: Alicia LePoudre
Robin Hanian
Tanya Pirkl
email: socialcommittee@
Director of Publicity: VACANT (filled by Jamie P in the interim) email: publicity@
Publicity Committee: Carolyn Leighton-Hilborn email: publicity@
Sale Coordinators: Joanne Ackford
Jamie Perrott
Kirsten Koch-Dill
email: vendors@
email: sale@
email: salevolunteers@
Website Manager: Julia Druce email: webmanager@
MBC Representative: Carolyn Leighton-Hilborn email: mbc@
Peer Health Coordinators: Marielle Burton
Venassa Purdy
email: peerhealth@
email: marielle@
email: vanessa@
Resources Coordinator: VACANT email: resources@
Fundraising: Lena Wilson email: fundraising@