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KW POMBA’s Nanny Robina workshop on March 20th was a huge success! We are so thankful she made the drive to talk to us, and are hopeful we can invite her back again next year!

We had thirty-five POMBA members and eighteen friends join us at The Family Centre in Kitchener to hear Robina talk about Toddler Shenanigans.  

Helpful / useful tips our busy Moms took away from the night:

Joy explains the three types of tantrum (forgive, ignore and distract):
1. The transition time between daycare and home and before dinner when toddler is hungry, frumpy and tired. Forgive these tantrums and help console them if needed.

2. Many tantrums you need to ignore and do not answer them more than once. For example, if they ask to go to McDonald's and you can't, say no and explain why. If they get upset and demanding and have a tantrum, do not answer.  You have already explained, ignore them.

3. The anywhere-but-here, or anytime-but-now tantrum is when you need to use distraction, quick! Do something you don't  normally do. For example, run away from your child and look out the window and act silly. Chances are they will stop because they have no idea what you are doing! Only do this in rare circumstances so it works every time.

Andrea is going to try Robina's jar idea with her oldest. Robina suggests having a jar of consequence when your older children are not cooperating / listening to your rules they have to pick their own consequence. Her 2 examples were clean the mud room every day for a week, or no television for 3 days. With Andrea's younger twin boys she is going to continue having a bag of frozen corn on hand! (Robina's suggestion for dealing with the kids who are always roughhousing… have a bag of frozen corn or peas available for “the loser”.)

Linnea liked Robina's suggestion of taking your kids out to restaurants to practice or they won't learn how to behave! Order their meal, and your own as soon as you get in, and walk around and look at stuff until food arrives. This buys you valuable sitting time, so they don't lose focus and go crazy while you're trying to eat. Toddlers only sit for about 20 minutes at a time, and then they need to move!

Carolyn learned that North American's are food obsessed and we often over feed our kids. They don't really need all those goldfish at 2:30 or 3:00 and if you're going to feed them snacks, they should be very small handfuls. It's hard to know exactly how much children should have, but nanny Robina reminded us it's okay to allow a child to say they are "full". They probably are, you don't have to force down the last 2 spoonfuls to have a clean plate.

Thank you everyone for attending the workshop and sharing your Nanny Robina Tips!  If you have an idea for next year's workshop please contact Colleen at And don’t forget to check out the KW POMBA events calendar for upcoming events and activities!